"A heart’s is a heavy burden"

Since I got sad from the news about ghibli “closing”  their department of animation I decided to make a few illustrations of my favorite heroines in tribute, while they decide how to rip mi heart in a million pieces. Starting with Sophie from howl’s moving castle’s and moving forward to all of the beauty ladies from Ghibli.

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Goodbye Mr. Robin Williams

Sorry for the lack of comic today. But you must have heard about Robin Williams’ departure today. It’s so sad and such a loss and I wanted to take a little time on this blog to honor him, because he was one of my favorite actors, comedians and person.

The main character of this webcomic Lucy the Vampire is a great Robin Williams fan, if you remember in the very first page, the reason why she wanted to go to school it was because of the movie Jack, and every major decision Lucy is going to take in the future will be because of a Robin Williams movie.

Robin Williams is still going to be a major figure in this comic, as well as he was in my childhood.

So finally I want to thank you Mr. Williams, for all the laughs and tears that you brought us from your great characters, your great performances and your great talent. 

A dear friend do this. WE LOVE YOU ROBIN. 

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90’s flashback: Audrey Marnay by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps fragrance campaign 1998.


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I can’t express enough my love for this.

OMG i couldn’t figure out why Eugene was hiding and then it hit me.


No I don’t get it, either. Someone please explain it to me?

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Photographed by Jo Duck for Brace Magazine.

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Photo by Vincent Leroux

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Mariacarla Boscono by Zoe Ghertner for Hermes F/W 2013 Catalogue


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Martin Munkácsi, New Yorks World Fair, Harpers Bazaar, 1938

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